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Joyah is a professional Life Mentor, Teacher, “Reader,” and Dream Interpreter

Joyah’s professional work in the field of expanding consciousness and the healing arts began in 1978. The majority of her trainings took place in California. After becoming a certified Touch for Health practitioner and teacher, a certified massage therapist and a graduate of the Myers Institute for Creative Studies, she founded and directed the Aliveness Center in Belmont, CA.

Her next training was to become a certified and licensed Hypnotherapist. Joyah is a perpetual student of metaphysics and all studies pertaining to expanding one’s awareness. Joyah has been a student of the Lazaris Material for over 25 years.

“Nothing changes until you do.”   Lazaris

After extensive training with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (LuminEssence), Joyah moved to Ontario, Canada where she created and directed an expanded Aliveness Center in 1987.

In 1990, Joyah became a certified facilitator in Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Holotropic Breathwork by Dr. Stan Grof and Jacqueline Small founder of The Eupsychia Institute. In 1992, Joyah had the honor of co-teaching with Jacqueline. Joyah later attended Eupsychia’s Mystery School for 2 years.

Photo Joyah French, Roseville CA & Half Moon Bay, CA

“We are moving into the Age of Light / the Age of Consciousness. It is an exciting and also challenging time.  We are being called to BE consciously what we are:  Spiritual Beings having a human experience….let’s make it a conscious human experience.” ~ Joyah

In 1994, Joyah became a Reiki Master, in 1995 a certified CranioSacral Therapy practitioner and in 1997 received a certification as a Fusion Facilitator. She graduated from the Harmonic Balance training in 2004 and began training with Dr. Richard Bartlett in Matrix Energetics in 2007. Joyah began training in Hand Analysis in mid-2011 and became certified by Todd Zimmerman (Master Hand Analyst certified by Richard Unger: IIHA).  She began reading hands in Spring of 2012. Joyah continues to train, study and expand. Her current research, study and soul expansion continues with her work with The Lazaris Material, Adyashanti, and her continued studies in the field of Hand Analysis.

In 1995 Joyah felt “called” to the Heartland and moved to Nebraska where she created The Sacred Garden Center. The desire to be closer to family, including 3 amazing grandsons and now, a delightful granddaughter brought Joyah back to California in 1997.

After living in the Half Moon Bay area and offering Inner Alchemy there for 11 years, her latest “call” brought her to Roseville, CA. in August of 2015. She currently offers Inner Alchemy in Roseville as well as Half Moon Bay.

Caring, compassionate, informed are just a few words that come to mind when reflecting on both my personal and professional experiences with Joyah.

Franc D’Ambrosio

Artist, Performer

I was going through a very dark and lonely period in my life when my medical doctor recommended Joyah.  She was hearing from her own patients how Joyah was helping them through difficult times.  When I first arrived at Joyah’s I was shattered.  Joyah was able to guide me through that period and has given me the tools, insight and love to bring me through to the other side.

Carla P.

Artist, Half Moon Bay

Joyah’s wisdom, guidance, mentoring and love has provided countless blessings in my life. She has a magical way of teaching her clients how to transform lemons into lemonade. Quite simply put….I don’t know what I’d do without her and I am so very grateful for all her gifts. She is THE Goddess of Healing and Transformation!

Debi F.

Hawaiian lomi lomi Practitioner

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