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“I believe and know in my heart that one of our greatest joys in life is to enter into each other’s lives to encourage, to inspire, to affirm and to remind each other of who we ultimately are and can become.” ~ Joyah

Transformational Mentoring is designed to move one toward more self-awareness and freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns.  Each session is skillfully spent in a question and answer process utilizing the Myers Method of Creative Solution, a variety of inner process techniques and healing listening that allows for intuition and Truth to be recognized and attended to.  The aim of this inquiry is to provide an atmosphere where the art of self-loving can be remembered and practiced until it becomes our natural state of being.

Transformational Mentoring can be approached at a tempo that works best for you, sitting with Joyah for 60 to 90 minutes in the beautiful setting in a sacred space she calls “Inner Alchemy”. The pace of transformation if a personal choice.  Joyah has the ability to meet each person where they most need to be met.  She has the gift of being able to listen “between the lines”, to hear what is happening behind the words and assist the person to become clear about what is, in truth, the bottom line issue.

Together, a plan is designed to create a process and a path that will lead to expansion and to true joy.  This process is also available for couples which can create an opening for more authentic, conscious relationships.

Photo of tarot cards; Oracle Consultation with Joyah French, Roseville CA & Half Moon Bay, CA


…is the healing potion of feeling truly listened to and be heard at a deeper level that possibly ever before. What you will receive is guidance which allows you to dig deeper and discover what lies hidden below what you assume is the issue. With Joyah’s skillful inquiry and your partnering with her, deeper insight and Truth is discovered. The ultimate gift to yourself is freedom from limiting patterns which opens the door to stepping fully into one’s true nature, greater gifts. This opens the door fully to living in greater freedom and experiencing every more joy in life.


Along with greater clarity and expanded inspiration you will also receive forms (called Creative Problem Solving tools) that will show you in written form that process that you and Joyah have explored together. You will also, most likely, receive a “Homework assignment” from your session. This is inner work designed to take you ever more fully home to your heart.

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah goes straight to my heart…with no detours.  She has literally changed my life.”  

Lois M.

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah has inspired me to live a life full of curiosity, compassion, and love.  She lit the star within me that I was afraid to light myself.  Most importantly, she taught me to not live life so seriously.  We are the creators of our journey — why not create something full of joy!” 

Abby Starr H., graduate student

Feedback From a Client 

“I can’t find the words to express the profound difference Joyah has made in my level of happiness, awareness and transformation over the past ten years. She is a touchstone for me, a teacher, and a irreplaceable supports. The tools, information and lessons that she give me are valuable beyond measure. I highly recommend Joyah to anyone who is interested in evolving to a more joyful place.”

~ Lizzie Elsey, Life Coach

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