Groups: Dream Circles

Image of DREAM-CIRCLES with Joyah French

In ancient times, the wise ones recognized the importance of the three dream states: night dreams, day dreams and what is called the living dream.  In poly-cultural practices dream work is considered to be a primary element in the journey to self-discovery.  In our modern day culture, the value of paying attention to the messages from psyche (our Soul) brought to us through the symbols in our dreams has been reawakened by the dream search conducted by Dr. Carl Jung, Jeremy Taylor, Robert Moss, Dr. Montique Ullman, Gail Delaney, and many other dedicated researchers.  Robert Moss says, “The most empowered people on the planet are dedicated dream stalkers.”

A Dream Circle is a small group (no more than 5) of “dreamers” willing to come together on a monthly basis to open their minds and hearts to themselves and to each other by sharing one of their night dreams, considered in some cultures to be the most sacred of all three dream states.  Together, in the spirit of growth, we create a safe and supportive atmosphere where deeper meaning and understanding of our Self and others might be experienced.  Joyah has been assisting people in their night dream explorations since 1994 through private and group process and is considered to be, in the tradition, a “Master Dream Teller.”  Joyah has offered Dream work in Canada, the mid-West and in her current location on the mid-peninsula Coast in California.

“Analyzing dreams in the Dream Circle with Joyah at Inner Alchemy is one of the simplest and most powerful works I have ever experienced.  Even after 12 or more years, every single time I leave a session I continue to feel a deeper understanding of my true self and my journey; and its so much fun!”    ~ Digeann P.,  Personal Trainer

“I always enjoy going to my monthly Dream Circle.  Joyah’s (and the group’s) interpretations around my specific symbols are insightful and have added a whole new dimension to my regular waking hours.  Joyah is a master at recognizing what’s important.”    ~ Kathy Mc., Full Spectrum Body Therapy

“The monthly Dream Circle helps me pay attention and bring to awareness the undercurrent of my life. Joyah and the group help me see where the dream is leading me towards further growth.” ~ Kate O.