'Alba Erecta' - Branching upright, flowers white… Excellent for cut or dried flowers. Vigorous groundcover with bell-shaped, white flowers in summer. Description. copy space, top view. Calluna vulgaris 'Kinlochruel' Wonderful pure white, double flowers brighten up the garden from August through October on this excellent performing heather. "calluna vulgaris verenka" 1 gallon,white. The prices offered are net wholesale prices. This colorful white plant … Grønt løv med let blåligt skær. Offering a clean and classic look in the garden, this Calluna’s frosty white spires … Click for details. Flowers: Pure white, single flowers are produced in August. ® means a protected variety; an additional licence fee of PLN 0,10 per item is charged on heather varieties marked with this symbol. ), of staggling habit, much branched; branches densely leafy, and either downy or glabrous. The foliage is a bright green color … Calluna vulgaris is a bushy, dwarf shrub that enjoys full sun and acid soil. Calluna vulgaris 'Alba Jae' SCOTCH HEATHER Foliage: Fresh, green foliage. Scotch heather (Calluna vulgaris), indigenous to northern Eurasia, can be grown as far north as planting zone 4. 10 x 30 cm. The VAT rate is 8%. Form: Rounded, Spreading or horizontal, Upright or erect. Calluna vulgaris ‘October White’ (S-0576) Each 8.50. No membership needed. Calluna has small scale-leaves (less than 2–3 mm long) borne in opposite and decussate pairs, whereas those of Erica are generally larger and in whorls of 3–4, sometimes 5. Leaves opposite, arranged in four rows, giving a quadrangular … Calluna vulgaris , common heather isolated on white background. Efter vores erfaringer én af de bedste krybende sorter. Shipping and handling. Calluna Heather Plant with White Blooms (3-Pack) Calluna Heather is one of the most prolific Calluna Heather is one of the most prolific and colorful heather you can find. Calluna vulgaris Garden Girls Series For a really long-lasting burst of colour, we recommend the Calluna vulgaris Garden Girls Series. Stems are packed with tiny green leaves and flowering spikes. Border of white common heather flawers on white background. Collect. The single species, Calluna vulgaris, is very widely distributed throughout Western Europe including Azores, Iceland and Faeroe Islands, eastwards into Siberia, and southwards into northern Morocco in North Africa; this range represents about 125 ° longitude west to east and 36 ° latitude north to south. Buy 20 plants, get 2 free Bonus Plants! Download this Common Pink Heather Calluna Vulgaris Ling Flower In White Pot With Gray Cozy Plaid Cozy Autumn Living Space Concept Candlelight Flame photo now. Lav, flad vækst, ca. Bloom Color: Pink, Purple, Red.Main Bloom Time: Early fall, Late summer, Mid summer. Flower color distribution: Unicolored. Flower color: White-RHS NN155C. There are probable 1000 or more cultivars of Calluna vulgaris . An evergreen shrub up to 3 ft high (usually from 9 to 24 in. … Save. Offer. Collect. Heathers are marvelous, fresh or dried. Calluna vulgaris. White calluna vulgaris or common heather flowers in flower pot on blue. Trim off old spikes as they start to fade to maintain growth and colour. Heather (Calluna vulgaris) – Illustration This herb is an ancient remedy for urinary tract problems. Cultivars include: Cultivars include: 'Alba' (white flowers) 'Alba' - Flowers white. Genus Calluna are low-growing or dwarf evergreen shrubs with stems clothed in tiny overlapping leaves, and terminal, spike-like racemes of small, 4-petalled flowers with coloured calyces Details 'White Carpet' is a low, spreading, evergreen shrub to 15cm tall, with bright green foliage and spikes of white … Cultivars/Varieties. ... white… Dark green, low spreading and bushy heather (20cm); double dark red flowers. Calluna vulgaris, commonly called Scotch heather, heather or ling, is a small, variably-sized, evergreen shrub that is native primarily to moors, dunes, bogs, heaths and hillsides from northern and western … And search more of iStock's library … laimdota. It is thought to be good for inflammation of the urinary passages, prostate problems, such as prostate … Jul 14, 2018 - Explore Karen Hine's board "Calluna", followed by 1225 people on Pinterest. The Calluna vulgaris … To Order: follow the link for in the table to see a complete description or order from box below. See more ideas about Heathers, Plants, Heather plant. BONUS PLANTS! laimdota. 4 in. Buy 30 and get 3 free, etc. Border of white … Below are some brief descriptions of some cultivars to give an appreciation of the range of variation that exists. The flowers open … Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. A garden picture of Calluna vulgaris (Heather), Another one planted today in the front garden. Calluna … Foliage gets a tinge of bronze in the winter. Calluna vulgaris A. Save. Calluna vulgaris ‘October White’. Height: 30cm Spread: 45cm Growing conditions: Sun, some shade; … New growth is pale green. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Calluna vulgaris , common heather - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. Photo Calluna vulgaris Callu Nova Arcticwhite on Group Flowers. … Dark Beauty (Calluna vulgaris) Dark Beauty boasts profuse dark-cerise semi-double flowers that deepen to ruby-red with age and last for a very long time in late-summer and early-fall. Growing to less than half a metre tall, the dark green foliage sets off flowers in red, pink and white… Calluna vulgaris 'Low White' Hvide blomster august - oktober. Like. Erica cinerea (Bell Heather) Attractive and spectacular in bloom with some of the most eye-catching … Ideal as showy groundcover or border. This item will ship to United States, but the seller … Like.

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