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A synthesis of intuition and energy/touch techniques along with inner exploration creates a gentle way for profound recognition, remembering release, insights and healing to take place. Joyah calls this intuitive blend “the alchemy of touch” / or simple put “table work.” A full session of any one of these healing modalities is available upon request.

(The Way of Compassionate Spirit) This Japanese energy balancing technique is designed to replenish and harmonize the vital electrical fields and strengthen spirit. As one opens their mind and body, emotions and beliefs held in the DNA can be at last freed to return to light.

This light, hands-on approach assist the hydraulic forces inherent within the CranioSacral system to improve the body/mind internal space. This technique relies to a large extent upon the client’s natural self-corrective ability and can be a subtle, yet profound path to inner harmony.

This is consciousness technology, not a technique, that Joyah weaves masterfully into the other forms of somatic work. This technology allows energies to balance and transform at an accelerated rate. Joyah continues to train with the creator of Matrix Energetics, Dr. Richard Bartlett. This is truly the leading edge of consciousness shifting and healing.

Universal Life Force Energy) Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing art form based upon the principle of transferring energy to remove physical, emotional, mental and / or spiritual blocks.

Through muscle testing (body talk) one can access information regarding all levels of our consciousness and beyond. This infinite information can create openings for understanding, deeper process work and healing. Dr. David Hawkins’ research has brought us to a new level of being able to trust this fascinating biofeedback system.

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah is a magician with the body and its energy fields. Her touch modalities are so refined that you feel as if she KNOWS exactly where to go and just what to do to move with your energy to unwind tension and blockage. She simultaneously spirals you deeper into the home of your heart and opens you to such expansiveness, you feel no boundary to your Being.”

~Natalie H., Yoga Teacher

Feedback From a Client 

“The moment you walk into Joyah’s space, you feel like you are enveloped in a warm, loving hug. The atmosphere is enchanting and even though talking with Joyah is magical, my body gravitates to her bodywork room…the wonder cave…heaven on earth and for an hour I feel euphoric.”

~Linda Cozzolino, HMB

Feedback From a Client 

“If I had to choose one word to describe energy work with Joyah it would be ‘magical’. In her protected and comforting space you are transported to a state of pure relaxation, transformation, peace, and awareness. If you are willing, Joyah gives you tools to find your inner strength and guiding light to enable you to find the answers you seek within yourself. After each session I come out feeling empowered and enlightened. The gift she shares is truly remarkable.”

~Sharon S., Realtor

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