January 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Kristy Koberna’s
El Granada

Dream Weavers

The Dream Weavers training began in 1998.  It calls for a yearly commitment with each year consisting of 6 sessions that take place every other month.  Each year has a focus or theme designed to expand consciousness. This is an in-depth training in deepening our relationship to our Higher Self / Higher Consciousness and supports the “initiate” in learning how to develop and activate our own inner alchemist: the intelligence within that knows how to transform the darkness of fear and limiting beliefs into the golden light of Love, Truth and inner Beauty. Each gathering includes teachings, group process work, inner journeys and ceremony.  The purpose: to create a more aware state of our “living dream” for ourselves and our world. This training integrates the profound and expansive teachings of Lazaris (used with permission) as well as other sources of deep wisdom and Truth. Each session includes teaching, group process work and a guided meditation / journey. Read more about Dream Weavers here.