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Inner Alchemy Offers Four Life Mentoring Practices

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Transformational Mentoring is designed to move one toward more self-awareness and freedom from limiting beliefs and patterns.

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Through the magic of “Ma-Bell”, telephone consultations for Transformational Mentoring and Dream symbol exploration are available. 

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Deeply influenced by the teachings of Angeles Arrien and trained in Eupsychia’s Mystery School by Jacqueline Small and Don Gill, Joyah’s Oracle consultations are steeped in the ancient Mystery School teachings.

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A Hand Analysis Reading is a life-altering experience giving perspective to your current life circumstances in relation to your larger life story that is waiting to be lived.

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Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah goes straight to my heart…with no detours.  She has literally changed my life.”  

Lois M.

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah has inspired me to live a life full of curiosity, compassion, and love.  She lit the star within me that I was afraid to light myself.  Most importantly, she taught me to not live life so seriously.  We are the creators of our journey — why not create something full of joy!” 

Abby Starr H., graduate student

Feedback From a Client 

“I can’t find the words to express the profound difference Joyah has made in my level of happiness, awareness and transformation over the past ten years. She is a touchstone for me, a teacher, and a irreplaceable supports. The tools, information and lessons that she give me are valuable beyond measure. I highly recommend Joyah to anyone who is interested in evolving to a more joyful place.”

~ Lizzie Elsey, Life Coach

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