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Inner-Alchemy-Oracle-ConsultationDeeply influenced by the teachings of Angeles Arrien and trained in Eupsychia’s Mystery School by Jacqueline Small and Don Gill, Joyah’s Oracle consultations are steeped in the ancient Mystery School teachings.

  • These teachings embrace the 12 Houses of Astrology and the Hermetic traditions from which Christian mysticism evolved.
  • The initial reading includes Numerology.
  • Each Reading is recorded.

Joyah’s Readings are not Cartomancy (fortune telling). She offers the querent insight into their current Soul’s journey. 

Receiving a full reading (13 Tarot cards) can reveal to the receiver the gifts/personal powers that are presently available and waiting to be lived fully. It can also reveal where the growth marks are often referred to as the obstacles or the bardo states.

Joyah loves working with transformative tools that will always reveal to us the Truth. The Tarot, read by a trained eye and ear, can be one of the places where the querent can always trust that truth will show itself. Joyah has been offering Tarot Readings for nearly 15 years.

Photo of tarot cards; Oracle Consultation with Joyah French, Roseville CA & Half Moon Bay, CA

Feedback From a Client 

“In my years of various Tarot Readings, I must say that Joyah’s has been the most informative.  The way she explains each card and it’s true meaning is put in a way so you can feel in your core the truth of the Reading.  You have not understood the impact of the cards and Joyah’s time and knowledge until you have a Reading.  I have known and worked with Joyah for about 30 years.”

Cindy W., Redwood City, CA

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