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Inner-Alchemy-Life-MentoringThrough the magic of “Ma-Bell”, telephone consultations for Transformational Mentoring and Dream symbol exploration are available. This offers the seeker an opportunity to continue their shape-shifting, life enhancing process with Joyah when working on location is not possible.

Mentoring over the phone creates the exact same results as mentoring in person with Joyah. It is just as powerful, just as effective and for some, more effective. Some clients find it even more direct and more convenient as it creates a very focused intention and eliminates the distractions of travel, traffic and other distractions.



  • Results.
  • If there are any “hand-outs” Joyah will mail these to you promptly.

Feedback From a Client 

“For 22 years I have worked with Joyah, 20 have been by telephone.  The distance has never interfered with the effectiveness, intuitiveness or the energy of the sessions.  Joyah is a remarkable gifted mentor and I continue to enjoy enormous personal and spiritual growth and discovery.”     

~Dr. Annette L.  Chiropractor, Ontario Canada

Feedback From a Client 

“For more than 6 years, I have been nurtured, mentored and directed by Joyah over the phone.  Though there are thousands of miles between us, Joyah is still able to “look” into my words and help me untie whatever knot I have created for myself.  Her expert spiritual counsel is not deterred by distance nor does the distance distort my connectivity to her.  This to me is a sign of a great and true spiritual counselor/guide — or whatever title you like to use.”   

~Jill N., Essex, United Kingdom

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah is our teacher, friend, and family. She has guided us through many of lives events with clarity, light, love, laughter and a path lit with her special magic. Joyah is pure love and we are able to connect and find our path together. She has always provided us the strength and encouragement needed to see and the laughter to not take it all so seriously. I can’t imagine our lives without her.”

~ Deb and Tom C. Santa Cruz

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