Image of BREATHWORK from Joyah French of Inner Alchemy, Half Moon Bay, CA | Transformational-Mentoring.comAlchemical Breathwork

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to begin something new and have faith in the magic of a new beginning.” – Meister Eckhar

Alchemical Breathwork is offered on an individual basis only.

This sacred work is based on Holotropic created by Dr. Stan Grof and Jacqueline Small’s work: Holotropic/Integrative Breathwork and is a powerful strategy for cooperating with the healer and teacher that resides within.

The breath of life taken in consciously creates an altered state of consciousness. Altered states of consciousness have been used throughout time to gain access to mystical and shamanic states of being for the purpose of clearing old wounds, memories, stories and discovering and integrating our Authentic Self.  

This method is well suited for those seeking an accelerated path to wholeness and /or desiring to open more fully to the mystical dimensions.

“I have found the Breathwork to be a fast-track to insights, deep healing and growth. It is perfect for those daring a leap, rather than a step, in life changes. Fasten your seat belt for this one.” ~Jane P-S