With Joyah French

Recognize the Significance of Your Dreams

Dream work assists you to understand yourself and your life situations more fully.

Everyone Can Benefit From Dream Work


Gain Clarity Into Your Life


Identify Self-Sabotage Patterns


Discover What's Truly Holding You Back From Achieving the Vision You Have For Yourself


Dreams Express Opportunities

Dreams tell us what we need to work on about ourselves. And dreams will direct us how. 

Photo of tarot cards; Oracle Consultation with Joyah French, Roseville CA & Half Moon Bay, CA

What Is Dreamwork?

Do you ever wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) curious, even startled, by a dream? Do you wonder, “What was THAT about?”

Dream work is the process of opening ourselves to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

Dream exploration work can help us receive clear direction regarding how to live our lives with more self-understanding, more self-compassion which moves us to greater freedom.

Being dedicated to being a conscious human being is greatly enhanced by dream work.

What to Expect From Dreamwork:

30-Minutes of One-On-One Consultation

  • Confidentiality is honored at all times.
  • In-Person or Phone Call Appointments Available

Exploration of Your Dream Unfolds in This Way:


We have an in-depth conversation about your dream.


We discuss each aspect and every symbol in your dream.


Working together using my own process for exploration allows the deeper meaning and guidance of your dream reveals itself.

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Feedback From a Client

“I always feel like dream interpretation is like spiritual counseling because my spirit is talking to me and giving me information and advice that can’t get more personal than that! ”  

Dina A..

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah goes straight to my heart…with no detours.  She has literally changed my life.”  

Lois M.

Feedback From a Client 

“Joyah has inspired me to live a life full of curiosity, compassion, and love.  She lit the star within me that I was afraid to light myself.  Most importantly, she taught me to not live life so seriously.  We are the creators of our journey — why not create something full of joy!” 

Abby Starr H., graduate student

Feedback From a Client 

“I can’t find the words to express the profound difference Joyah has made in my level of happiness, awareness and transformation over the past ten years. She is a touchstone for me, a teacher, and a irreplaceable supports. The tools, information and lessons that she give me are valuable beyond measure. I highly recommend Joyah to anyone who is interested in evolving to a more joyful place.”

~ Lizzie Elsey, Life Coach

Dreamwork is intriguing… It’s magical… A wonder waiting to be discovered.

Our dreams are a mirror of our human potential, our human gifts.

Dreams are a mirror of our “unfinished business”: the aspects of our “shadow self” that needs attention, compassion, forgiveness and healing.

Our dreams bring us clear messages that assist us in healing at every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our dreams open many doors for deeper self-understanding and for living a more “soul infused”, creative and joy filled life.

Joyah began her intuitive, skilled work of dreams interpretation in 1996.

Her clients rely on Joyah’s passion for dreamwork, her compassionate listening, and her clear insight and understanding of the empowering directions and life changing wisdom offer to us through our dreams.

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Transformational Process Work for Living Life More Consciously



Roseville, CA & Half Moon Bay, CA

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