Smaller groups of Truth seekers gather once a month to dive deeper into their own personal life stories to discover patterns (“motivational constructs” or “premature cognitive commitments”) with the intention to see more clearly and honestly how we limit ourselves and to free ourselves from these obstacles and move toward full awakening and freedom.

This is accomplished through the process of inquiry (meaningful questions) to create transformative action that allows each participant  to claim their True Self and live daily a more joy filled life. 

The background material used for the Insight Circles comes from leading edge teachers and researchers in quantum physics as well as forward thinking teachers and authors: Robert Scheinfeld, Deepka Chopra, Gregg Braden, Adjashanti and others.

The “science of practice” is encouraged: the living daily of our wisdom, our truths and our potential for joy and to take important steps into living our True Self (the part of us that takes joy in all things).

“I have been taking Tarot and Insight Circle classes from Joyah over the last year and I feel that this is the most important work in my life right now.  I never miss a class.  I don’t want to miss one word of wisdom Joyah has to offer.  I have grown so much this past year.”  ~Dina A. Massage Therapist

“All of Joyah’s classes provide a wonderful container for anyone wanting to heal their lives, expand their intuition and live on the fringe of possibility. The Insight Circle, in particular, is where the rubber really meets the road and participants can make quantum leaps in consciousness.” ~Amy S., Therapist, Artist and Healing Guide

“The Insight Circle is a vehicle for change on the personal and quantum level. I come to the Circle because it gives me applied, transformational insight: into myself, the Universe, everything. And thanks to Joyah’s inspired guidance and the group’s commitment, I come away with a brighter knowledge of my own purpose AND with the tools to turn that purpose into practice.”  ~Ann P. San Anselmo, CA