Oracle as a Map of Life Trainings

Trainings in studying the Aleister Crowley Tarot, recognizing it as a clear map for awakening and understanding our psycho-mythology, are offered yearly. 

Level I begins the journey with the study and understanding of the 22 Archetypes called the Trumps (inner teachers / powers that assist us being triumphant in life). 

Level II follows with the focus turned to the Royalty or Court cards (which teach us about Mastery and reflect our inner helpers) and the Minor Arcana, often referred to as the daily work or the daily lessons. 

Level III and beyond are offered for those dedicated students who want to learn how to read effectively for themselves and others. 

This training brings amazing insight into one’s own life and along the way the trainee acquires the skills to assist others in the process of self-discovery.  Joyah has been teaching the Tarot for 7 years.

“Curiosity drew me to the Tarot, wanting to discover the meaning of symbols and the artistry of the beautiful deck. Joyah as a teacher has kept me curious, wanting to learn more and more. She teaches from a vastness of knowledge, experience and ever present intuition. Joyah, herself, is a perpetual seeker of new knowledge, which in turn she shares and interrelates new information into the study. I can think of no better guide to have than Joyah, pointing out the sights so they won’t be missed but be absorbed and cherished the way they were meant to be.” ~ Helen (a student of the Tarot for over 6 years).


“I had a dream where I had to flee — and in the dream the only thing I took with me was my Tarot deck. That sums up how important the Tarot has become for me. Joyah teaches the Tarot from a deeply wise and spiritual place. She is the ideal teacher — for the expanse of her knowledge, the depth of her heart, and the laughter we share in class. Sign up now!” ~ Susan Bishop